Sportsman's World Property Owners Association

Located at 3138 Hell's Gate Loop in Sportsman's World on beautiful Possum Kingdom Lake



Our Architectural Control Committee is made up of three volunteers.  As you will see in the Declaration, there are restrictions for building on the lots.  The Committee is here to help you through the process and understand the rules.  We have put the Application and the Rules on this page.  The Committee usually meets in conjunction with the Board Meetings.  Building or re-modeling plans can be turned in to the office at 3138 Hell's Gate Loop.  Turn around time is less than 30 days and usually can happen within two weeks.  But please don't come to the office with your plans wanting to start building the next just can't happen.  Also...check with your ACC or Board Members first before you start building anything.  We are really easy to get along with, but we have to follow the rules. 


If you are planning to build or remodel please check the requirements located on the website below:

Building Application

SWPOA Committees

There are several steps you need to know BEFORE you start building your home in our community.  We will try to cover the high points here.  The ACC Building Form Application (above) explains some of the things you need to do before you start construction.  The first thing is to submit your plans to the ACC.  Contact the SWPOA office at 940-779-2150 or 940-659-8186 if you have any questions.  There is a building fee for a new residence and this is covered in the application.

You can begin site work on your property at any time - clearing trees, mowing, moving rocks, etc.  But you have to have a permit to build from the ACC before construction of any kind can be started.

There is also something called a Residential Estate Lot.  If you have two or more contiguous lots and you want to add out-buildings to your property, in addition to your residence, you may be able to combine your properties through the Land Use Board into a Residential Estate Lot.  This is a time-consuming process - so plan ahead!

911 ADDRESSESS - Contact Palo Pinto County for your official address at

REPLAT OR DIVIDING LOTS - Please contact our office before you replat your properties, or if you and a neighbor want to buy a property between your lots.  There are proper steps that you need to take so you don't violate the CCR's.  This can be done, but we can show you how to do it and possibly avoid an extra assessment!

WATER SERVICE:  One of the most important things to do before you purchase your property is to check to see if water service is available through our Municipal Utility District in Sportsman's World.  Chances are it is, but there are some areas in the Ranch properties that do not have service.  The tap fees for water and sewer are $5,000 which includes a grinder pump that the Water District services. Contact the M.U.D. office for information about water service at 940-779-2580 or 940-659-8186.  The office is located next door to the Fire Station.

Do you have large items you need to throw away that won't fit in our community dumpster?  The Lang Convenience Station is available for those items. Go back to the "ABOUT US" tab and click on the PK Chamber of Commerce link.  They have important phone numbers for newcomers (as well as old-timers) and the Convenience Station is listed there with the days and times they are open.  

Our community has three Homeowner's Associations and at times it can become confusing.  We recommend that you talk with a Board Member or office staff to help you with any questions about the Associations.  We will do our best to help you understand the structure of the Associations.

Again, please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions at all.  Most of the realtors in this area know us and we will be happy to talk to them as well.  We would rather answer questions than hit you with any surprises later!

We love to see our Community grow and the Sportsman's World Recreational Association, Inc. has some exciting improvements planned for our community!

And if you are interested, SWPOA's monthly Board Meetings are normally held on the second Friday of the month.  A notice will be posted at the office of the time and date. 

Enjoy PK!