Sportsman's World Property Owners Association

Located at 3138 Hell's Gate Loop in Sportsman's World on beautiful Possum Kingdom Lake



This website is intended to provide information about the operations of Sportsman's World Property Owner's Association, Inc. (SWPOA)  We will attempt to keep you updated on the Agendas for the monthly meetings.  We hope it will also be a source of reference for the documents that govern SWPOA. 



At Sportsman's World Property Owners Association we pride ourselves in the daily contribution to individual and community well-being. We believe that by sharing common values we can increase the opportunity of each individual in the community.

The purpose or purposes for which the corporation is organized is to provide for maintenance, preservation and architectural control of the residence Building Plots within the residential subdivision known as Sportsman's World located in Palo Pinto County, Texas, and to promote the recreation, health, safety, and welfare of the residents within these properties.

Our goal is to make a difference in your life and those around you. Don't just stand on the sideline, get engaged in your community.

Welcome Letter



       Welcome to our neighborhood and congratulations on the purchase of your new property! We look forward to meeting you personally during the coming months. In the meantime we would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about your community.

     Sportsman’s World is unique in that it is governed by different HOA’s depending on which section your property is located and what duties the HOA performs. We will try to break it down simply for you below.

     There are three HOAs in our community: Sportsman’s World Recreational Association (SWRA), Sportsman’s World Property Owner’s Association (SWPOA) and Sportsman’s World Ranch Owner’s Association (SWROA). Sections 1-10 or 13 are under the jurisdiction of SWRA and SWPOA which is known as the residential sections. Sections 12, 15 and 16 are ranch sections and are under the jurisdiction of the Sportsman’s World Ranch Owner’s Association. Section 14 is unrestricted and is the area where the Marina, the condos, businesses and some homes are. 

     SWRA is responsible for maintaining and overseeing the Common Properties in Sportsman’s World. Annual dues are assessed by SWRA for this purpose. You can find out more information on the SWRA website at You can also contact their office at 940-779-3056.

     SWPOA is responsible for maintaining compliance with the covenants and by-laws of its Association, the Architectural Control and Building Rules. See the governing documents and more information on our website at Annual dues are assessed by SWPOA for overseeing the properties and maintaining compliance.  You will receive two (2) separate billings for HOA dues each year.

     As a new property owner you may have some ideas on how you would like to improve your property. SWPOA’s Architectural Control Committee helps maintain the appearance of our neighborhood. Its function is to review and approve plans for building or remodeling. You can find the application and the building rules on our website at

     A new Board Rule was recently adopted requiring all dogs to be on leashes or fenced.

     You can find an application for Water and Sewer from the Sportsman’s World Municipal Utility District (SWMUD) on our website at So whether you are buying an existing home and need to transfer water service or you need a brand new water tap, this application will serve both purposes. Please contact the SWMUD office at 940-779-2580 for information about your water service.

     Included in the Covenants of SWPOA is Article VIII – Restrictions of Use. While we don’t want to hit you as a new owner with a lot of “do’s and don’ts” we do want to make you aware of some very important parts of the Covenants our Board is bound to uphold and you, as owners, are obligated to honor. We have attached a summary of these Restrictions, but you can find them in full on our website located on the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions under “Article VIII, Restrictions of Use”

We are very happy to have you as part of our community. Be sure to check both websites for upcoming events – especially our Annual Meeting in October. Those website addresses again are SWPOA – and SWRA –

Our Board Members are Tom Winkelman, Roy Davis, and Christine Watters. Please contact our office at 940-779-2150 if you have any questions.


Sportsman’s World Property Owners’ Association
3138 Hell’s Gate Loop, Suite B
Strawn, TX 76475
Located next to the Fire Department in Sportsman’s World


Section 1. None of the lots or Improvements shall be used for anything other than single-family, private residential purposes. A detached garage or carport is allowed as long as it is used in conjunction with the single-family private residence.

Section 2. Except as otherwise provided in Section 8 of Article IX, no Lot shall be re-subdivided without the specific approval of the Architectural Control Committee.

Section 3.  (a) No dwelling shall be erected or permitted to remain on any Lot having a floor area of less than the area hereinafter stated, measured to exterior wall s and exclusive                               of garages or other similar appendages: (i) the minimum-floor area allowed is one thousand two hundred fifty (1,250) square feet. o

                          (b) All dwellings shall be constructed new. Only one (1) residence may be built on any one Lot. 

                          (c) No structure shall be used until the exterior thereof (as approved by the Architectural Control Committee) and sanitary sewerage disposal facilities are completely                                finished. No modular or pre-fabricated structures may be placed or located on any Lot,

(d) No dwelling shall be located on any Lot nearer than twenty (20) feet to the front, or fifty (50) feet to the rear property lines, or nearer than ten (10) feet to any side property line, or except as otherwise shown on the recorded plats of Sportsman's World. If one structure is constructed on a homesite consisting of more than one Lot, the combined area shall be considered as the property. o

(e) No trailer, tent, shack, garage, barn, mobile home, camper, or other outbuilding shall, at any time, ever be used as a residence, temporary or permanent, or be moved on or permitted to remain on any Lot, nor shall any structure of a temporary character ever be used in any way during construction of permanent structures. o

(f) With reasonable diligence, and in all events within twelve (12) months from the commencement of construction, any dwelling commenced shall be completed as to its exterior. 

(g) No radio or television aerial shall be built nearer to any property line than the building setback line therefrom. No fence or wall shall be built nearer to Possum Kingdom Lake than fifty (50) feet, and shall not exceed six (6) feet in height. No Owner shall be permitted to fence in more than twenty-five percent (25%) of his Lot. No fences shall be located in either the front or side yards of the Lot. No fence shall extend beyond the side and rear setback lines o

(h) Each dwelling must be equipped with septic tank or other sewage disposal system approved by all governmental authorities having jurisdiction with respect thereto (including the Brazos River Authority). Water service shall be obtained from the Association o

(i) No boat dock, pier or ramp shall be constructed on any Lot or within Possum Kingdom Lake unless approved by all governmental authorities having jurisdiction with respect thereto (including the Brazos River Authority) and by the Architectural Control Committee. Please see further restrictions on our website

Section 4. No for sale or for rent signs may be displayed without the prior written approval of the Architectural Control Committee and no other type of sign or advertising may be displayed on any Lot

Section 5. No noxious or offensive activity otherwise permitted hereunder shall be carried on or maintained on any Lot, nor shall anything be done or permitted to be done thereon, which may be or become a nuisance in The Properties.

Section 6. The use or discharge of firearms is expressly prohibited within The Properties.

Section 7. No Lot shall be used as a dumping ground for rubbish, trash, garbage, and other waste shall be kept in sanitary containers and all such containers shall be kept in a clean, sanitary and sightly condition. No trash, leaves, grass or other matter shall be burned on any Lot.

Section 8. No building material of any kind shall be placed or stored upon any Lot except during construction, and then such material shall be placed within the property lines.

Section 9. No horses, cattle, poultry or livestock of any kind other than house pets may be kept on the property and then not for commercial purposes. (Except on Residential Estate Lots)

Section 10. Drainage structures under private driveways on any Lot shall always have a net drainage opening area of sufficient size to permit the free flow of water without backwater and shall be subject to written approval of the Architectural Control Committee.

Section 11. If open carports are used, no unsightly storage shall be permitted therein that is visible from the roads. No unsightly vehicles shall be stored or kept for the purpose of repair on any Lot, except in enclosed or storage facilities protected from the view of the public and other residents of The Properties.

Section 12. Both prior to and after the construction of a dwelling on a Lot, the Owner shall provide appropriate space for off-street parking for his vehicle or vehicles. No on-street parking shall be permitted.

Section 13. The Owner of each Lot shall keep grass, weeds and vegetation (except as part of a landscaping plan approved by the Architectural Control Committee), trimmed or cut so that the same shall remain in a neat and attractive condition. No fence, wall or shrub or other structure or planting which obstructs sight lines shall be permitted without the specific approval of the Architectural Control Committee

Section 14. No outside toilets will be permitted. No means of sewage disposal may be installed or used except a septic tank or similar or improved sanitary method of sewage disposal, meeting the requirements of and approval of the proper governmental authorities having jurisdiction with respect thereto. The drainage or discharge of septic tank or other sewage disposal facilities, or of any other substance which would result in pollution, into any road, ditch, surface easement, or waterway, either directly or indirectly, is prohibited.

Section 15. Reasonable easements for installation and maintenance of utilities and drainage facilities are to be reserved and set forth on the plats of the Subdivision containing the Lots when the same is filed of record, or by separate instrument. Within these easements, no structure, planting or other material shall be placed or permitted to remain which may damage or interfere with the installation and maintenance of utilities, or which may change or retard the flow of water through drainage channels in the easements.

Section 16. No oil or gas drilling, development, production or refining operations, or quarrying or mining operations shall be permitted upon or on the surface of The Properties at any time while these restrictions remain in force and effect.

Keep in mind these Restrictions are summarized here for convenience. The complete Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions and amendments are filed in the Deed Records at Palo Pinto County and a copy can be found on our website at